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OLD SALOPIAN HUNT DAY – Saturday 8th December 2018.

Friday 21 December 2018

Despite the weather, a good turn out for the Hunt.

Report on OSH DAY, Saturday 8th December, 2018
including The Annual OSH v. RSSH Run, Tea & Presentations, The AGM & The Annual Dinner.

Certain members of The Hunt had been asking questions about who might turn up to run against them, in this eagerly awaited meeting of past and present, that has taken place each year since 1953. The answer was that you can never be sure who will be on The Drum at 2 pm, until the time comes. This year there were no disappointments, because we had a superb turn-out of Huntsmen, Whips and Hounds from 1953 to the present day.

As could be seen from the photograph, there were 15 Huntsmen and one Huntswoman, making it the most Captains in one place, ever, with, from left to right, OSH Captain, Oli Mott (Rb. Huntsman 2002-03), Adam Booth (PH. Huntsman 1999-2000), Oliver O’Callaghan-Brown (R. H- 1985-86), Ben Remnant (Ch. H- 2015-16), Charles Pickles (S. H- 92-93), James Neil (H- 93-94), Tim Minns (S. H-78-79), Jonathan Mitchell (Rt. H-81-82), Olly Laws (SH. H-97-98), Tim Bedell (S. H-77-78), Ed Mallett (S. H-12-13), Cal Winwood (I. H-10-11), Charlie Ockleston (O. The Huntsman), Andrew Christophers (Rt. H-78-79), Felicity Hayward (EDH. The Huntswoman), OSH Chairman, Peter Birch (DB. H-66-71). Chris Beaumont (Rt. H-76-77) arrived just afterwards and Charlie Finnigan (S. H-95-96) came in the evening, making a total of 18 Huntsmen and Huntswoman present on one day at The School. Many of our attendees had come to celebrate the occasion of Bob Parker’s 80th Birthday.

Bob has coached hundreds of young people who ran for The Hunt and in School Athletics for over twenty years.

We were also pleased to welcome the new Headmaster, Leo Winkley, who met many of the crowd. The runners and spectators gathered around for introductions and photographs, which also included one of 9 Tucks Winners, showing Adam Booth, Oli Mott, Alasdair Darroch (M. 70-75), Olly Laws, Nigel Miller (S. 47-52), Ed Mallett, Michael Johnson (S. 55-60), Sam Western (S.) and Tim Bedell (S. 73-78). Then there were photos of The OSH Team and another one of all runners before The Throw-Off at just after 2.30 pm when I shouted out The Huntsman’s Cry to set everyone off, on their way beside The School Wall and in front of Riggs, before going through The Moss Gates. The Course was similar to last year, but an adjustment had to be made, to avoid the landslip on Ridgemount Drive. So instead of going over the cattle grid, before the bottom of Port Hill Road, there was a diversion that took everyone left, up into the field and around a marked tree, before returning back up to Oldhams Gap and rejoining the original course which goes back around The Astroturf and retracing steps back to Ashton Road, The Moss Gates and to finish in the funnel on the grass to the left of Central. Even though rain fell at the start and finish, the course was reasonably good going, with only one blooded hound, being Rider Hartley (Ch.), who finished strongly for The Hunt at 10th, with a bloody knee. Even the Rad Brook crossing was at a diminished level and all 52 runners completed The Run, including our “Whipper-In” Cliff Simpkin. As usual, there had been good course marking tapes put up by the Groundsmen and course Marshalls, who braved the wet conditions, for whom we are very grateful. Our Captain, Oli Mott, once again Killed, for the eleventh time, in a time of 21:25, over this adjusted course, which to be fair is a bit longer at 3.7 miles or 5.9 kilometres. He was followed by Ed Mallett in 21:43 and then last year’s winner, Cal Winwood in 21:46. The Huntsman, Charlie Ockleston (O.) was only three seconds behind Cal, and then The Junior Whip, Tom Jackson (R.) produced a powerful finish at 22:17.

At sixth place, Ollie Parry showed off his running power in his first visit to this Run, just ahead of Peter Middleton. Our sixth counter, to clinch our Team’s win, was Simon Adney, who last appeared here in 2012. The RSSH fielded a Team of 30 well trained Boys & Girls, against 21 of the Great & Good of OSH Members, including Tom Hughes (Ch. 13-18), Damian Scott (PH. 87-92 & Sen.Whip), Michael Barratt (ex-Staff & Coach), Owen Mock (R. 13-18 & Sen.Whip), David Thomas (Rt. 71-75), and Richard Hudson (M.67-72).

We eventually moved away from the soggy finish funnel and went to The Hunt Gym, inside The Stott Pavilion, for Tea & Presentations, where many were able to inspect The Huntsman Boards and old photographs, before Ian Haworth, the Master-in-Charge of The Hunt, announced the results of the day’s efforts. Peter Middleton was able to award the new Trophy, bearing his name, to the first female runner to finish The Run, which was Lilian Wilcox (EDH.), one of eight in the Girls Hunt Team.

Then it was time for Oli Mott to once again take The Will Ramsbotham Cup for his win and also to lift The David Loake Trophy for The Winning Team, where we caught 31 points against the 47 points of The RSSH. One of our founders of The OSH Club, Nigel Miller, then said a few words and presented an old Severn Hill Hunt Journal, to be passed on for safe-keeping in The Moser Library.

The OSH Committee - from left

Standing - Peter Birch, Felicity Hayward, Oli Mott, David Thomas, Charlie Ockleston, Tim Bedell, Adam Booth, Peter Middleton and Ian Haworth

Seated -  Nigel Miller, Cliff Simpkin and Bob Parker

At 4.20pm, twelve OSH Committee Members went over to Kingsland House to start The Annual General Meeting, in The Hardy Room. It was a privilege to have the company of The Huntsman, Charlie Ockleston and The Huntswoman, Felicity Hayward, who witnessed how The OSH operates as a Club. By 6.15 pm, we had completed our Agenda and dispersed, giving time to prepare for The Annual Dinner at 7.30 pm in The Peterson Room.

This year’s Dinner was attended by 33 diners, of whom 13 were Huntsmen, 5 were Whips and 4 were Hunt Coaches, including Bob Parker. Bob was 80 in October and the majority of attendees had come to celebrate Bob’s birthday and two glorious decades of his coaching of The Hunt & School Athletics. Bob recalled some of the highlights of his career, here at The School, which rekindled great memories in some of those seated around him.

We were also pleased to have the company of this season’s Huntsman and Huntswoman and the two Whips, Sam Western (S.) and Tom Jackson (R.), as well as two of the best Girls Hunt runners, Chessie Harris (EDH.) and Anna Cowan (MSH.).
This had been a very special day for The Old Salopian Hunt, with a huge crowd coming to The School Site for The Annual event, where The RSSH demonstrate how well they are now trained, providing great competition. Everyone, young and old, enjoy gathering together here once again and we all look forward to next year.
For the complete Results of The Run, please click here.
Do go to The Old Salopian Hunt Facebook page to see all of the photographs, as well as some here below.
Peter Birch. OSH Chairman.

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