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Old Salopians pass on cricketing wisdom to a new generation of players

Thursday 4 February 2021

Three cricketing Old Salopians took a trip down memory lane this week for a special virtual meeting that entertained pupils past and present.

Hosted by Andy Barnard, Master IC Cricket, the Zoom meeting saw Tim Lamb, Nick Pocock and Nicko Williams reunite and discuss their time at Shrewsbury School, their cricketing career after school and how important it is to keep the sport a part of their lives.

Both Tim and Nick went on to play county cricket after school, later joining Nicko to play for Shrewsbury Saracens and winning the Cricketer Cup in 1977.

Around 100 people joined to listen to the Old Salopians’ tales; ranging from fellow ex-pupils, elite players and present pupils who are part of the girls and boys cricket teams. The session lasted an hour and half and was filled with questions from the audience.

Andy Barnard said: “This was the first event I’ve organised of this kind and it went so well, we were really pleased with the turnout of people who came to listen to Tim, Nick and Nicko.

“The three presenters were pupils at the school throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s so they were able to give a flavour of the school back then and what the cricket was like during their time here.  They were such high-profile cricketers who all had different pathways with cricket when they left school, and they have all done such great things. They were able to talk about the success of the Shrewsbury Saracens winning the Cricketer Cup in, which some of the Old Salopians, who were in the audience, played and won in 2012.

“We were able to talk about present day issues with the younger pupils too; there was such a wide range of topics spoken about. I’ve had lovely comments back about the meeting, so I am really pleased with how it all went, and I’m so grateful that Tim, Nick and Nicko agreed to join us.”

Tim Lamb, (School House, 1966-71) went on to become the first Chief Executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board and is now a member of the Cabinet Office Sporting Honours Committee.

Tim added: “It was a very enjoyable session and hopefully beneficial for the students. It was nice to see a few familiar names and I have had messages after the meeting saying how much people enjoyed the session.

“It was a great opportunity to reunite with fellow pupils and discuss our experiences of cricket and the school. Each of us in our own way achieved things after school, and to impart of knowledge and experiences to a new generation of cricketers is a great thing to do.

“I personally wanted to get across how important it is to continue to play cricket after school - even if it doesn’t amount to anything professionally, there are so many benefits to the sport; the health benefits, the teamwork and the camaraderie is second to none – not forgetting the enjoyment.

“I was so pleased to be asked along to the meeting and I hope the audience were able to take something away from it.”


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