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One week until ShrewsMUN 2

Friday 2 March 2018

After much planning and preparation, there is now only one week to go until the opening ceremony of Shrewsbury School’s second Model United Nations Conference, ShrewsMUN 2. Over 180 pupils will be attending from 15 schools across the country.

Secretary General Oliver Bureau (Ch UVI) writes:

A few weeks after the hugely successful inaugural ShrewsMUN conference last March, I, along with a few friends (namely Mill Luangamornlert and Chad Usher, the Deputy Secretary Generals at ShrewsMUN 2) started to make plans for this year’s conference. We decided to follow largely the same format as last year with just a few minor tweaks. Probably the most major of these is the delegates’ social, which we decided to host on the Saturday night and has been ably organised by Mill.

This year, we decided that the theme of the conference would be about encouraging trust and dialogue between nations and individuals. We felt that this is especially important in the world in which we live as it seems that the automatic reaction of many world leaders and, indeed, many other individuals, is to fear others and to shut them off (and sometimes even to build walls along your borders with them). Therefore, we decided that we should do our bit in trying to stop this worrying trend from continuing and to encourage people to talk to each other to eradicate this feeling of fear.

It has not just been Mill, Chad and I organising this conference. We have had help from many people, such as our Head of Media, Angus Warburg, who has produced a number of excellent videos in the run-up to the conference. Our Heads of Admin, Koby Ferdinand-Okpala and Ebrahim Jamshid have also been great at helping to organise some of the more mundane aspects of the conference. Our Head of Chairing, Henry Mayhew, the Head of Press, Sam Bayliss and the Security Council Presidents, Tamara Fox and Nina Churchill, have also been very helpful in decision-making and in their respective positions.

Having said this, perhaps the largest contribution to the preparations for the conference weekend has been from Mr Peach, Shrewsbury School’s Head of MUN. At a recent conference at Royal Russell School in Croydon, I learned that Mr Peach has been running MUN at Shrewsbury for a staggering 25 years! It is no exaggeration to say that, without him, not only would we not be looking forward to Shrewsbury School’s second MUN conference but we would probably never have attended a conference at all.

We are very excited that the conference is only one week away and hope that the time spent on preparations pays off. I am greatly looking forward to welcoming all attending schools, visitors and guests to Shrewsbury.

The conference takes place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March. Full details are published on the ShrewsMUN 2 website.

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