Shrewsbury School

Orientation Day for our new pupils from Hong Kong

Wednesday 1 August 2018

One of the many outstanding aspects of Shrewsbury School is the close-knit community it has fostered over the years, which transcends geographical barriers.

With 11 new students from Hong Kong starting at Shrewsbury School UK this September, Marcus Johnson, Housemaster of Oldham's Hall, travelled all the way to Hong Kong to welcome them and their parents in person and gave a very informative presentation to 45 people at the Orientation Day organised by the Friends of Shrewsbury School Hong Kong (FSSHK) on 21st July.

Mr Johnson was also supported by an enthusiastic group of current pupils from Hong Kong, who shared their personal experiences ranging from the all-important food in Kingsland Hall and a schedule of a typical day to sports activities and the fun Foundation Fortnight for Third Formers.

Current pupils, Old Salopians and parents then joined in different year-group discussions to answer questions about domestic matters, including uniform, insurance, booking air tickets, mobile SIM cards, etc. Different WhatsApp chat groups were also established among them towards the end to facilitate fellowship and communication.

Jasper Yip and Winston Lam explaining the mobile SIMS cards to newcomers

The Orientation would not have been made possible without the dedication of FSSHK Committee members under the leadership of Betty Ip (Chairwoman) and Amy Lau (Secretary). Many special thanks also went to all the volunteer pupils.

Helen Mayhew, Vice-Chair FSSHK

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