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OS Eton Fives Summary

Tuesday 6 November 2018

The Old Salopian Eton Fives community are thriving and with such a strong group of players they continue to excel!

We have had the summer largely away from the courts to gather our strength for another tough season.

The fives calendar is busier than ever – upwards of 10 tournaments & 30 matches in the leagues as well as our usual club nights. We will again be making a return to Shrewsbury for the Grant Williams Invitational which was so successful in its first year.
Having finished 3rd in Division 1 last year, losing finalists in our flagship team tournament the Alan Barber Cup, and Losing finalists in the second-string team tournament the Eton Fives Association tournament we feel we have a lot of unfinished business in the coming year.
Over the past few years we have been building the club across all levels – taking advantage of recent leavers relocating to London and the current playing contingent wanting to kick on and create some history for the club.
We expect to have a successful season and hope to turn losing finalists, to winners.
2018 brings a momentous occasion for the OSEFC – we turn 70! We are celebrating this with dinner at the school on 24th November. As expected we have been overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to make the occasion and it is with great sadness we have had to work on a first come first serve basis. A testament to the importance of the club to so many people.
A special mention to Mike Hughes (SH 1975-80) who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Eton Fives Association for his contribution to Eton Fives. An interview was conducted which can be viewed here on the Eton Fives website (
As ever, please do get in touch if you want to start playing again. Please contact Chris Hughes on
A summary of the 2017/18 season which ending at the end of April 18 is as follows;

Season Update
1. Alan Barber Cup
a. Finalists

2. Division 1
a. 3rd

3. Division 2
a. 5th

4. EFA Competition
a. Finalists

5. London Tournament
a. 3 Quarter Finalists

6. Northern Tournament
a. Semi Finalists

7. Kinnaird Tournament
a. 3 Quarter Finalists

8. Richard Barber Cup – School boys and Old Boys
a. Semi-Finals

9. Under 21’s
a. Men’s Finalist
b. Women semi-finalists

10. Under 25’s
a. Finalists

11. Vets
a. Champions

12. Aberconway Cup
a. Champions

13. Eton Fives Association Lifetime Achievement Award
a. Mike Hughes (SH 1975-80)

Barber Cup Team 2018 - George Thomason (G 2006-11) Tom Cox (M 2000-05) Rex Worth (S 2002-07) Ed Taylor (Rb 1987-92) Chris Hughes (SH 2004-09) Sam Welti (I 2007-12)

EFA Team (Al Taylor (RB 1990-95) Marc Quinn (M 1983-88) James Skelton (O 1980-85) Tony Walters (PH 1991-96) Grant Williams, Mike Hughes (SH 1975-80))

Grant Williams Invitational

North v South.


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