Shrewsbury School

OS Tennis vs the School

Saturday 16 June 2018

A largely family affair resulted in a well-earned victory for the School, 7-1.

The Morris Family 'A' were out in force on the OS side, represented by Robin (O 1980-85), his brother Chris, (O 1985-90) and son Guy (O 2012-17), with Max Morris (no relation, S 2012-17) in support, but their efforts were largely in vain, with the School side packed with young but seasoned players such as Alex Loumidis (Rt, L6) and, yes, you guessed it, Frank Morris (see Family 'A' above, O, L6).  The Bromley Davenports backed-up the familial theme, with both Harry (SH 2008-13) and his brother Tom (Rt, U6) playing, but across the board the younger players out-shone the older, although all done in good humour and excellent sportsmanship.

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