Shrewsbury School

OS wins prize from St Hilda's, Oxford

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Alex Beaumont blowing out his candles a few years ago!We were delighted to learn that Old Salopian Alex Beaumont (SH 2005-2010) has been awarded a College Exhibition in German from St Hilda's College, Oxford, at the end of his first year there.

Alex was a Foundation Scholar at Shrewsbury, who was always extremely focused and organised. Despite attending every possible Oxbridge seminar and talk while he was here, Alex wasn't confident that Oxford was the right university for him.  His housemaster, Giles Bell, thought otherwise, and eventually persuaded Alex to try for Oxbridge. Giles then had to apply even more pressure to get Alex to his interview, all the while promising to keep his application quiet, but he was confident that Alex would fall in love with Oxford once he'd been for his interview and seen it for himself.  Giles is unlikely ever to forget the phone call that he later made to Alex's family, which started with the suggestion that they should sit down before he told them some good news.

Chris Minns, Head of Modern Languages, commented "As one of our best Germanists in recent years, with a particular flair for literature, Alex is clearly continuing to impress."

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