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OS Women's report

Wednesday 23 January 2019

With the 10 year anniversary of girls at Shrewsbury, what better way to get the festivities started than an intense afternoon of sport back at school in the form of hockey, rowing and fives.

On a glorious Saturday afternoon on 29th September, 11 slightly anxious yet excited OS Women took to the AstroTurf to partake in the annual game against the current girls.

Despite the First XI having just played an extremely close game against Bromsgrove, they stayed on to give us a serious run around! The game got off to a fast first half where both teams showed strength and determination and the teams were level pegging! After 14 minutes of intense running up and down in desperation to score, the OS Women managed to break free and drive forwards into the opposition D. At this point Annie Brentnall (MSH 2009-2011) deserves a special mention for her outstanding performance on the pitch scoring the Salopian’s only goal. After just a couple of minutes, however, the current girls managed to equalise just before the half time whistle.

The second half got off to another tense start with the current girls really showing their stamina and skilfulness. Both teams fought hard to secure another goal, however, after nearly fifteen minutes into the twenty minute half it was still one a piece! Despite multiple attempts and in turn wonderful defending by the OS team, Shrewsbury managed to score their winning goal taking the final score to 2-1. Although the OS team were feeling exhausted and rather gutted to lose in the last couple of minutes, we were pleased with our performance and managed to put out our strongest team to date. I’d like to thank everyone who took part, and congratulate the current girls again on their victory! We will be back next year to tackle the forever impressive First XI and hope to enjoy a game of netball too.

Also on OS Day a scratch crew of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 leavers headed out on the River Severn in one of the first full female Sabrina outings. After a slightly wobbly start, the crew quickly found their balance and picked up a surprising amount of speed. After a very enjoyable afternoon, we are hopeful that more Sabrina women will start rowing together again and Molly Derbyshire (MSH 09-11) is currently scouting out clubs in London who might accommodate us. If any Young OSs (male or female) are interested in Sabrina rowing in London (however casual this might be) please let Molly know and she will keep you posted on further developments -

The Salopian Netball team continues to play in London with a core group of established players. We are continuing to progress as a team and are developing skills to move us gradually up from a social league to one in which we are increasingly winning games and becoming a ‘tight-knit group’! To be brutally honest, where we were struggling to win a match previously, in the past four weeks we have gone from strength to strength and taken the lead in every game. This has motivated the group to continue playing and I hope you are all as proud as I am of how far we have come!

I would encourage anyone to reach out who would be interesting in playing Netball (either as recreational or intermediate level) as we are always on the lookout for fresh talent!

Elle Gurden (MSH 2008-10)


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