Shrewsbury School

OSGS Spring Meeting (South) at Denham

Tuesday 27 March 2018


Anthony Parsons (Rt 1959-64), known as 'AP1' to quote one of the more printable of his soubriquets: Buckinghamshire Amateur Match Play Champion (twice), 'Snips' was a member of the winning Berks, Bucks and Oxon team that won the England Counties Championship in 1983: winner of the Denham Club Championship 6 times.

The Captain and his putter: Shot of the day when Andy Pollock (I 1971-74) 'AP 2', Captain of our Halford Hewitt team, holed from 65 feet, allowing for a borrow or ‘break’ of 12 feet for a birdie on the treacherous contours of the 8th green.

Anthony Smith (I 1954-59), President of the Old Salopian Golfing Society, spoke eloquently of his friend whom he first met back in the early 1970’s at the Halford Hewitt, as follows: 'I had been playing in the Shrewsbury team for a few years. 'Parsnips' was invited to play by Johnny Clegg (SH 1943-49), who ran the OSGS with a rod of iron – or so it seemed. Not knowing much about him, we were told that Anthony was a good footballer, a low handicap golfer, but could be a little forthright in his views. Nothing has changed there! As it happened, my partner from the three previous years – Nick Wase-Rogers (Rt 1959-64), here at Denham today - was unavailable. Clegg stuck Anthony and me together.  Neither of us played well in round one. Although the team won, we as a pair lost. The following day, Tony Duerr (Rt 1951-56) arrived. This required the pairings to be re-assembled. Parsons was dropped. I wonder if Anthony has ever been dropped from a golf team since! That was Anthony’s debut in the Halford Hewitt. Who would have guessed at that time, that he would make over a hundred appearances for Shrewsbury?

Anthony Parsons cradling his caricature. The cartoon depicted a slim- line turn with AP1 driving off a silver peg (marked Tessiers, the famed Goldsmith and Silversmith in Bond Street where Anthony worked for many years as an authority on jewellery). The tee box records in Roman numerals LXIV (64) wins that Anthony and his partners won in CIV (104) matches in the Halford Hewitt for Shrewsbury. The citation reads for 'heart, herding and wit', politely implying the qualities required for organising Salopian golfers at meetings at Denham for over 30 years.

Polymathes and Philomathes adorned the day. Nicholas Barber (SH 1954-58), President of The Salopian Club, is caught propping up the bar with Christopher Prentice (SH 1967-72), former HM Ambassador to Rome, with two Double Firsts between them, in Honour Moderations and Literae Humaniores at the University of Oxford.

Stephen Shaw (M 1956-61) in hot pursuit of his cousin James, but in vain, despite two purple birdies at the 8th and the 12th, matching his papal attire, as permitted at Tandridge GC.


Lieut-General James Shaw (R 1964-68), the winner AM with 32 points, driving in full command.




Charles Shaw (R 1962-66), foursomes’ winner PM over 9 holes (16 points) with Hon Sec, driving effortlessly.



Will Hawksley

(SH 1990-95), the second youngest in the field and James Pollock, the youngest (below left).  Compare and contrast the earlier body turns.







Hon Sec, Tim Lewis (R 1950-55), former bookseller, cherishes his copy of the 'Boys of 66', presented to him by the author John Rowlinson (S 1962-66), 1st X1 colours 1964, 1965 and 1966 (Captain). Anthony’s 1st XI colours relate to 1963, but John Rowlinson and Jo Russell (apologies) claim to bear the scars from Parsons ever since.



John Parker (SH 1952-57) drives off serenely, in the company of his Bunny Millard foursome’s partner, the Hon Sec.

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