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Outdoor Week 2011

Friday 1 July 2011

Outdoor Week 2011: 'Get Wet' & Conservation days

There is now a stretch of dry stone wall on the Welsh border built by boys from the Third Form. As the organiser of Outdoor Week this fact gives me great satisfaction, especially as it was started by pupils from the previous year. Outdoor Week was conceived just four few years ago and has now developed into an integral part of the Third Form calendar.

The Third Form is the only year when pupils do not sit public examinations, and we developed Outdoor Week as a six day outdoor education package to combine Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions and a parallel educational package with (naturally) the Shropshire countryside as the venue. This year 106 boys completed their Bronze DofE expeditions but also undertook a range of activities to include working with Shropshire Wildlife Trust on a local reserve, a day long competition package at a local military training area and a team based ‘wet day’ on the River Dee. Ben Smith comments separately on his Outdoor Week experience in his recent ‘Week in the Life of’ article but feedback from other participants has been highly positive too:
Boys commented: ‘really good fun with lots of hard challenges to face’ and ‘a really good week where we didn’t get a chance to catch our breath -  it was great to be camping with your friends and to have independence’.

Outdoor Week 2011: Activity day at Nesscliffe

Blue Chair ventures continue – Toby Thomas and Brendan Parsons, both of School House (of course) carried a blue chair each on their recent DofE Bronze expedition. They managed to manfully carry these plastic and metal monstrosities around the two day 35 kilometre route – taking photographs of the chairs in various locations along the way. Some sponsorship in aid of The Leukaemia Trust was collected from friendly glider pilots along the way. The expedition took placed over the Long Mynd, a well known Shropshire landmark and gliding venue.


Toby Thomas (L) and Brendan Parsons (R) with their Blue Chairs, Outdoor Week 2011

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