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Oxbridge offers 2014

Monday 13 January 2014

Congratulations to the 13 students who have been offered places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

This is another successful year, and 13 matches precisely the average number of Oxbridge places achieved by Salopians over the past six years.  It is notable that the successes this year are spread across a very wide range of subject areas, and this reflects the breadth of academic interest among current Upper Sixth pupils.  Both pupils and staff are to be congratulated on the hard work they put into receiving these offers, and the School looks forward to strong A Level results for all our pupils this year.

L to r: Sophie Pelling, Crystal Chan, Ilya Lapan, Mark Huang, Daniel Hart, Laurence Jeffcoate, Roman Faithfull, Alex Walker, Ben Lyster-Binns, Isabelle Turney, Arthur Kung

Crystal Chan (MSH)       Oxford St John's Chemistry
Seb Constantine (S)* Cambridge Jesus French and Italian
Roman Faithfull (O) Oxford University Spanish and Russian
Daniel Hart (Rt) Oxford St Edmund Hall   Mathematics
Mark Huang (S) Oxford Trinity English
Laurence Jeffcoate (Ch)**   Oxford Queen's Psychology and Philosophy
Arthur Kung (R) Cambridge Emmanuel Maths (with Physics)
Ilya Lapan (I) Oxford  Merton Physics
Anthony Lilico (SH)* Oxford Magdalen Maths and Computer Science
Ben Lyster-Binns (Ch) Oxford Trinity French and Spanish
Sophie Pelling (EDH) Cambridge  St John's Land Economy
Isabelle Turney EDH) Cambridge Corpus Christi  Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
Alex Walker (O) Oxford Jesus History

* Seb Constantine and Anthony Lilico both have confirmed places, having taken their A levels in 2013.
** Laurence Jeffcoate has also been awarded a Choral Scholarship to The Queen's College, Oxford.

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