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Oxbridge Success

Friday 17 January 2020

Shrewsbury School is celebrating an outstanding year of success for pupils applying to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Sixteen Salopians have received offers of places across a whole spectrum of disciplines, from sciences through to humanities and the arts.


"We are absolutely delighted for the 16 pupils who have been offered Oxbridge places this year," said Headmaster Leo Winkley. "This very strong showing is great credit to the pupils themselves and those many colleagues who have encouraged and inspired them to pursue academic challenge at the highest level.

"With offers in subjects as diverse as English Literature, Biology, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Engineering, Music, Mathematics and Computer Science, this wide mix of courses showcases the rich variety of the academic life at Shrewsbury. A tremendous achievement and inspirational for those in the years to follow."

This year's number of Oxbridge offers (the highest since 2009) builds on an impressive historic record; Shrewsbury School has the rare distinction of having had Oxbridge offers in double figures for all but one of the last 20 years.

The following pre-A Level candidates have been offered conditional places at Oxford University:

Anna Cowan (MSH)   English Language & Literature
Johnnie Dowd (Rb)   English Language & Literature
Owen Fung (SH)   Mathematics
Charlotte Hancock (M)   Human Sciences
George Lawrence (O)   Biology
Nicholas Liu (I)   Material Sciences
Almar Razif (EDH)   Music


The following have been offered conditional places at Cambridge University:

Jude Huffer (Rb)   Veterinary Medicine
Jonathan Snell (Ch)   Philosophy
Mohan Sun (SH)   Natural Sciences (Biology)
Peter Yang (SH)   Natural Sciences (Physics)
Kyra Zhou (G)   Computer Science


The following applied to Oxford University post-A Level and have received firm offers:

Charley Archer (Ch)    English Language & Literature
Oscar Kanan (Ch)    Oriental Studies
Adam Pattenden (S)    Engineering
Jetty Russell (G)    Biology


L-R: Charlie Hancock, Mohan Sun, Kyra Zhou, Jonathan Snell, Peter Yang, Owen Fung, Almaz Razif, Johnnie Dowd, Jude Huffer, Nicholas Liu, Anna Cowan
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