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Oxbridge Viva Presentation Evening - Thursday 8th October

Tuesday 13 October 2020

A cohort of Upper Sixth Oxbridge applicants presented an academic 'viva' to their peers in Hodgson Hall.

Seen as a vital element of their preparation for Oxbridge interviews later this term, the eight speakers delivered a masterclass in academic extension and revealed a wide range of interests beyond the confines of the curriculum. 

The title of each 'Viva' presentation below gives a flavor into the wide-ranging, diverse nature of the evening - 

  • Winston Luk – ‘Genetic Engineering and the effects of drugs on neurotransmitters.’   
  • Rhys Woodward – ‘Flaubert, Balzac and the Age of Literary Realism.’  
  • Milton Tai – ‘The Economic and Political Principles of Libertarianism : The Hong Kong Case Study.’ 
  • Chris Beard – ‘Descartes Philosophy : The Evil Demon & Who Cares’ 
  • Bee Cook – ‘The Paradox of Communication’ 
  • Bertie Shepherd-Cross - 'Fascism, Slavery and White Supremacy: Why we need to color correct antiquity' 
  • Max Cheung – ‘Environmental Economics’  
  • Kira Ward – ‘Time Dilation’  

Many congratulations to all speakers involved for their willingness to engage in their academic passions - good luck to all ahead of those forthcoming applications. Watch this space for video highlights of the evening's presentations!

Mr Mackridge (Head of Academic Enrichment)

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