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Painting Shrewsbury School Tartan

Thursday 1 March 2018

A sudden burst of patriotic pride, a bold announcement on Twitter and a determination to raise awareness and funds for a very worthy cause resulted in Mr Middleton appearing in school on Monday (as the temperature dropped well below zero) dressed in his kilt.

This was the tweet he had posted the previous evening:


It had been retweeted well over 100 times within the first hour. By the next morning, that number had reached over 1,400 (and 1,717 at the time of going to press).

He sent the following message to staff by way of explanation:

The real reason I’m wearing my kilt today is to raise funds for the Doddie Weir Foundation and supporting his work in raising awareness and funding for the cruel and debilitating terminal Motor Neurone Disease.  Doddie was a great hero of mine growing up (we went to the same school- he went on to play rugby for Scotland and the British Lions,  I alas, did not) and was diagnosed with this awful disease last year.   He’s been even more of an inspiration in the way in which he’s met the diagnosis with typical good humour and a passion for using the diagnosis in a positive way, doing huge amounts in support of his Foundation.

Doddie is famous for wearing outlandish tartan, so in standing in support of Doddie, I’m aiming to get photos of as many staff and pupils in tartan today.  I can supply tartan options (Tam O’Shanter hat, tartan tie, tartan trews…). You just have to pledge at least £1 for the privilege of wearing tartan.

Many did, of course – and by the end of the day, he had raised over £1,000.

The fundraising page is still open, and all donations will be very gratefully received:

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