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Parents and Old Salopians' contributions help make success of the Careers Evening

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Over 170 Shrewsbury Upper 6th pupils attended the first annual Careers Fair at the School on the evening of 14th March.  The event was joint venture between the Salopian Club and the School’s Careers Department and involved thirty speakers comprising Old Salopians and parents.

The headmaster, Mark Turner, opened proceedings in the Alington Hall, by introducing the keynote speaker - leading investment banker, Jonathan Young, CEO of Gryphon Holdings, PCL.  Jonathan, whose son George is in the 4th year,  gave an inspiring and accomplished speech (PowerPoint also available here - email if you have any problems downloading it) which captivated the audience.  He described the job markets and opportunities available to this generation of youngsters.  He emphasised the value of hard work, good preparation, selecting an enjoyable career and the marvellous opportunities that the digital age offers.  Jonathan’s assured delivery and upbeat message drew an enthusiastic response from the audience and was reflected in lengthy applause.

Keynote speaker, Jonathan Young, pictured (left)

Old Salopians and Parents representing 17 different professions then gave a series of talks to small groups of students.  Each pupil had opted to attend 3 short career sessions in order to gain knowledge of particular professions or career sectors which attracted them.

Afterwards, pupils joined speakers, guests and staff in Kingsland Hall for a lively supper where many of the youngsters continued to network with speakers and guests.  Officially the meal should have finished at 9pm, but many stayed on to talk further.

The feedback since the event took place has been very positive.  Many pupils appear to have gained from the experience and our speakers have commented favourably on the format of the event.   In order to learn all possible lessons from the event, all participants in the evening (pupils, speakers and staff) have been asked to complete an evaluation questionnaire and the information gathered from this will be used to inform the planning of future careers events.

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