Shrewsbury School

Peer teaching good mental health

Friday 20 April 2018

This week saw the launch of a pupil-led mental health project for local schools.  

A group of Lower Sixth Form pupils have been developing a devised drama presentation as part of their Global Social Leaders project, which focuses on developing positive mental health and supporting those who may be struggling, whilst hoping to raise awareness of the various sources of help. 

The first session at Mary Webb School was delivered to 250 Year 7 and 8 pupils by Sophia Breese, Elliot Crossley, Libby Hedges and Toby Pattinson, who had put the play together with assistance from the School’s Drama and PSD Faculties. 

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Anna Peak, who accompanied them, reported that the young audience were gripped from the start, being absorbed into the characters’ lives. The question and answers after their performance showed that the message had really hit home. 

The project has been completely initiated, driven and led by the Salopians and we very much look forward to the next four school visits in the coming weeks.

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