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AS Physics Challenge: Salopian among top 5 in the country

Thursday 2 May 2013

Arthur Kung (R LVI) has been awarded a prize as one of the top five students in the country in the AS Physics Challenge set by the British Physics Olympiad organisers.

Arthur Kung with Lord ReesMore than 4,000 students from around 400 schools and colleges entered the competition, which is designed to challenge and stretch the most talented young physicists. This is a fantastic achievement, although Arthur is in fact the second Shrewsbury student to have won this prestigious award in the last decade.

He was invited to the Royal Society to receive his prize and had the honour of meeting Astronomer Royal and Old Salopian Lord Rees (S 1956-60), who is also the President of the British Physics Olympiad Organisation (pictured).

Arthur is also a member of our International Young Physicists Tournament team who are representing the UK in Taiwan in July.

Shrewsbury Medal Winners in the AS Physics Challenge:

Arthur Kung
Christopher Papaioannou
Clive Lam

Jonathan Shaw
Crystal Chan
Daniel Hart
Ilya Lapan
Denton Lee
Taiding Yang
Derek Law

Irene Kwan
Michael Cheung
Helen Ho
Cindy Lin
Khairah Besar

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