Shrewsbury School

Prep Schools' Cross-Country Championships

Wednesday 9 November 2011

In the Hunt's 180 years, many historic races have been established and firmly placed in the school's calendar, most notably of course the annual school Tucks run, and the Inter-House Paperchases and Steeplechases.  Never before in the Hunt's history, however, have we hosted a Prep Schools' Cross-Country Championships, but as we look ahead to future years it seemed fitting to host such an event to coincide with the rising success of the club at senior level.

Nine Prep Schools from around the country competed and over 100 boys took part in the U11 and U13 races.  We were fortunate to have absolutely stunning Autumnal weather, ideal for the very many parents and staff who came to support the event.  In the first race, the U11 boys tackled a 1.3 mile course that took in much of Top Common, the Bank and the river path.   The standout school were Cundall Manor at this level, with the top three places being occupied by pupils from the North Yorkshire school.  The winning time of 8.16 was very impressive indeed, and suggests that there is much promise at this age-group.

1st  Jake Doyle                 8.16          Cundall Manor
2nd  Dillon Staveley          8.43          Cundall Manor
3rd  Tom Mewes               9.09          Cundall Manor
4th  Oliver Reed-Daunter   9.21          Abberley Hall
5th  Conor Barker             9.23          Old Hall School
6th  Daniel Humes            9.23          Packwood Haugh
7th  Alex Veitch                 9.27        Old Hall School
8th  George White            9.32          Birchfield
9th  Leo Walton                9.41          Prestfelde
10th George Gough         9.44          Shrewsbury High Prep

1st Team    Cundall Manor (winners of The Huntsman's Cup)
2nd Team   Shrewsbury High Prep 'A'
3rd Team    Abberley Hall

At U13 level, there were some big names competing, and having offered Packwood's Freddie Fielding a sports scholarship recently, it was no surprise to see him get off to a flying start off Chance's Field.  Despite strong opposition, Freddie quickly spread out the pack, and his winning margin by the end of the race was over a minute, a significant margin in a 2.3 mile race.  His time of 12.04 suggests that he is a star in the making, and having been ranked top three in the UK over the past years, it is clear that there will be exciting times ahead as he moves to the senior ranks next year.

1st Freddie Fielding          12.04        Packwood Haugh
2nd William Hayward         13.11        St Richard's
3rd Dan Orchard                 13.19        Prestfelde
4th Charlie Tait-Harris        13.27        Birchfield
5th Jack Soulsby                 13.28        Terra Nova
6th Simon Waterhouse       13.31        Packwood Haugh
7th Freddie Barrell              13.39        Abberley Hall
8th Oliver Wilson                 13.41        Cundall Manor
9th Guy Morris                     13.45        Packwood Haugh
10th Cameron Bates          14.04        Prestfelde

1st Team    Packwood Haugh (winners of The Bob Parker Cup)
2nd Team   Prestfelde
3rd Team   Cundall Manor

We were delighted with how smoothly the first running of the event went, and look forward to developing the championships further, including girls competition at both levels.  We very much hope that this event will become a notable fixture on the Prep Schools' sporting calendar, and that in turn this will further strengthen  the Hunt as an historic and successful club.

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