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Public Speaking - In Remote!

Thursday 21 May 2020

Each week a group of Salopians from across the year groups meet with Mr Mackridge and Mrs Corcoran to present a five-minute 'public' speech (in remote!) on a nominated topic.

The emphasis is placed on peer listening and feedback before a group vote is taken to decide on the strongest speech.

Last week the group were challenged to create a speech about what the Post-Covid 19 world should look like.

Nora H (M, LVI) was chosen as the winner and you can read the speech below.


What a Post-Covid World should look like

Our life after Covid-19 will never be the same as before.

The virus has an impact on us all. Small changes in our daily life up to enormous shocks in the global economy.

What should our world after Covid-19 look like?

Lock-down restrictions and travel bans have forced us to stay at home. To work from home. And what we now see which is very surprising for many employers: It works! It is possible to work from home with the same productivity level.

The average worker needs 90 Minutes to get to work and back. 90 Minutes! If companies would shift their working method from working in offices to working from home then it would not only mean that these people have gained so much time but also a decrease of the travel costs and transport energy.

Everyone is now confronted with technology, everyone must be able to use. Same with us. We are talking via Zoom right now. This means that after Covid-19 people might think twice if they really need to meet physically or if the meeting could take place online as well.

This would have a huge impact on transport and travelling. Air transport would be drastically reduced. We can now see the impact of the travel restriction in satellite pictures. How it affects air pollution. And people now see that if everyone takes part we can have a huge impact on our environment.

Which new possibilities do we have now to fight climate change?

The economy has suffered a lot under the measures. People stopped consuming. Now it is down to governments to help companies to recover. Governments are now able to help companies planning and retooling. More support for environment friendly companies, green conditions linked to support. Changing and reshaping supply chains towards a more sustainable way. Changing the focus to decarbonization. 

Additionally investments will be made for funding medical research. Testing capacities will be expanded and the research and development of vaccines and prevention.

The focus has also shifted towards the public health system. Different systems in different countries have shown different ways of coping with the current overload. It is now down to every country to analyze and to change for better. Change for better, change for greater protection.

But let’s be honest. What I’ve just described is a perfect world. This will not happen. But maybe some things might change.

Shifting working methods to home office sounds great if you have family and a nice housing. What will happen to those living alone? It is a human desire to have contact. Working in an office provide this daily contact. So maybe companies will offer an office for their employees for two or three days per week. Maybe they will shift their head office from the city centre to more outer parts to save renting costs. And the need for human contact might cause a stronger support for local shops as people in their home office might go to the shop around the corner instead of eating their lunch in London’s largest chains.

And maybe not everyone likes working from home. But if only 10% of people would change their working methods then this would still have a huge impact.

It is also not possible to make every company green. But if only a few will change. If only a few will take the opportunity to reshape and improve then this is still the right way.

And lastly: what can we do?

We need to help our local businesses. Travel, tourism, retail, restaurants, cinemas, etc. These companies will need our support as consumers. We can help by supporting them and our economy.

Despite all the deaths and all the suffering, this pandemic gave us the chance to change something. Change our daily life, change our world and make it a bit better. It gave us time to think. To think about what is actually important in our life.

Thank you.

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