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Pupil Creative Writing Anthology: Fire Engine Volume 4

Sunday 30 June 2019

Ghost stories, sci-fi flash fiction, prison shorts, a heart-felt poetic valedictory ode to Shrewsbury and much more – the latest edition of 'Fire Engine' is out now.

The bumper 48-page Fire Engine Volume 4, the annual anthology of some of the best Salopian creative writing, found its inspirations, the space to write and the time to edit during the Activities programme on Thursdays.

Trips this year have included visits to the evocative surroundings Shrewsbury Prison and Tintern Abbey, with expert help and advice from talks and writing workshops from top authors – thanks to Head Librarian Jo Elliot – including Carnegie Prize winner Tanya Landsman.

The anthology, illustrated with original photography and artwork from the current Art Faculty show, has been expertly designed and edited for a second consecutive year by Maja Stockley (G) – the first back-to-back editor in the four years since the foundation of the magazine. Edward Bayliss (Rt) assumes the editor’s mantle next year.

“Maja should be very proud of all she has achieved over the two years in the Creative Writing Society, not only for her prolific output but for her determined focus on her craft, ” says Mr Fraser-Andrews who led the group. “In fact, all contributors from across the School have been impressively dedicated to their own gifts of expression.

"Just as important as the writing has been the editing, where much is put to the sword in order that ideas loom ever more sharply and impact can be more distinctly felt. It is particularly satisfying to hear echoes of the pupils’ own ambitious reading in many of these works – Homer, Milton, Tennyson, Housman, George Eliot and Poe for instance – in which pupils have ably acknowledged their debt to, and begun conversations with, writers who have trod before them. This is genuine literacy in action, and stands witness to the hard work of the English Faculty, in particular, in nurturing such effective practice.”

Copies of the anthology can be picked up - for free - from the Library. A pdf version can also be downloaded here: Fire Engine Volume 4

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