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RAF cadets take to the skies

Tuesday 5 March 2019

On Wednesday 27th February, eight of the CCF Royal Air Force Section cadets had the opportunity to fly with pilot instructors at RAF Cosford.

Ivan Gershkovich

In the Grob Tutor aircraft, which is the first aircraft service personnel use in their military flying training, each cadet had a 30-minute flight, with almost all of that time spent at the controls.

As Fifth Formers, they all had some prior flying training through the gliding opportunities that the RAF Section offers, so they were able to move quickly past the basic manoeuvres that most cadets would learn on Air Experience Fights.

L-R: Krystal Zhu and Andrew Maxwell. Andrew is one of just 17 cadets in the UK to have been awarded a pilot scholarship this summer.

Travelling above the Midlands countryside as far as Shrewsbury or Birmingham, the cadets learned to fly inverted (upside down!) and performed a number of aerobatic manoeuvres themselves, including loops, stall turns and barrel rolls.

With a few more days like this planned for the rest of the year, the entire Section should get the chance to experience this for themselves.

Plt Off DM Wray


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