Shrewsbury School

Regional Academy Call Up for Girls’ Cricket Stars

Thursday 28 January 2021

Two Salopian stars have been selected for the Central Sparks Academy, home to the best young cricket players in the West Midlands.

Georgia N and Libby T are among the 15 best young players in the region to be picked for the Central Sparks Academy, which sits underneath the Central Sparks Senior Squad, which includes Head of Girls’ Cricket, Gwen Davies, Old Salopian Issy Wong and one of our girls’ cricket coaches, Eve Jones.

The Central Sparks Academy is one of eight academies in the country who all underpin the eight new Regional Sides, who compete in the RHF Trophy. Throughout the summer, the Central Sparks Academy will play one off fixtures vs the other Regional Academies, before playing in a week-long tournament with all academies involved.

Gwen Davies said: “Georgia and Libby have had very different journeys to this point. Libby represented Wales and the South West Regional Development programme before moving to Shrewsbury. Georgia has always played her cricket in the West Midlands, representing Staffordshire and the West Midlands Regional Development programme since the age of 14.

“They have both worked tremendously hard on their cricket since arriving at Shrewsbury in September as L6th entrants and are hugely deserving of this acknowledgement.

“I’m very proud of them both and I hope this will just be the beginning of more to come for the both of them.”

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