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Rigg's 150th Celebrations - seen through the eyes of the OS Office

Thursday 26 May 2011

The Rigg's 150th anniversary celebrations took place on Saturday 21st May 2011. Please click on the image below to see a short slideshow of pictures taken on the day.

Rigg's 150th anniversary: Drinks on the lawn of Kingsland House

Despite rather cloudy and blustery weather conditions, the Rigg’s House 150th Birthday celebrations went with a real swing.  Up to 170 Old Salopians of vintages ranging from the 1940s to the “noughties” dropped in during the day.  The event began with a service in the School chapel followed by drinks on the Kingsland House lawns.  A magnificent luncheon ensued and for the vast majority this was the centrepiece of their day.  The meal provided the platform for several keynote speeches. 

  • Adrian Kemp delivered an entertaining oration in which he described the souls of “Riggites” being akin “to the guardians of the school gates, a bit like The Lifeguards, but without the horses…”.  He also commented that the girth of some of his schoolboy colleagues reflected the proximity of Riggs to the School tuck shop.  Finally Adrian lamented the unfortunate colours of the House (Chocolate and Gold) which were often referred to as something unprintable (coloured yellow and brown) when playing football against Oldham’s boys!  
  • Mark Turner's speech paid tribute to Rigg’s housemasters past and present.  In remembering the great “Brookie” (housemaster from 1947 to 62) held in such great affection by generations of Rigg’s men, he was able to thank the former housemaster’s 2 daughters for honouring the occasion with their presence.  He thanked Matthew Mostyn the current Rigg’s housemaster for his sterling efforts in organising an excellent event.  (Matthew steps down at the end of this term, after a 10-year spell at the helm).
  • Charles Foster responded to the Headmaster's address.  Charles is a former Cambridge graduate with a background in veterinary medicine and now a barrister specialising in medical law.  His thoughts centred on how Rigg’s men were encouraged to do the things they wanted to do, rather on what others felt they should.  His toast of “Happy Anarchy” rounded off a memorable meal. 

Afterwards “Riggites” were given the freedom of the site and many took the opportunity to explore some of the new buildings as well as visiting their old House.  Those who congregated in Rigg’s Hall were able to appreciate the extensive collection of old school photographs and reports that had been gathered and exhibited for perusal.  Later that evening, a black tie dinner took place in Kingsland House - 33 Riggs men attended, rounding off a most successful and memorable day. 


Rigg's '150'

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