Shrewsbury School

Royal Russell MUN Conference

Thursday 2 November 2017

For the 25th year in a row, Mr Peach led a group of Salopians to take part in the Royal Russell School Model United Nations Conference during the first four days of half-term.

The teams represented Egypt and Hungary and, as ever, worked hard in their respective committees. Many of them also spoke in General Assembly, gaining valuable public speaking experience.

Mark Pangin (SH LVI), Oliver Bureau (Ch UVI) and Tom Allen (Ch IV) managed to get their resolutions passed by their committees. Sam Evans (R IVR) and George Ludlam (R IV) were chosen by delegates in their committee to go to the Crisis Committee to sort out a dispute on the US-Mexican border. Will Stocker (R LVI) gave his first speech (as Hungarian Ambassador) to 500 people at the Opening Ceremony, and Mill Luangamornlert (SH UVI) battled hard and with remarkable tenacity representing Egypt in the Security Council.

Oliver Bureau (pictured below) won a Highly Commended Delegate Award.

Mr Peach expressed his gratitude to Miss May for giving up the first four days of half-term to attend the Conference and support the MUN-ers. "Her own experience as an MUN-er and obvious enthusiasm gave our delegates a real boost and I am delighted that she has got involved."

Mr Peach was himself presented with a Distinguished Advisor Award for attending 25 years of the Royal Russell MUN Conferences. Throughout that time, he has tirelessly and enthusiastically run MUN at Shrewsbury. As last year's MUN President Ed Plaut stated publicly in his closing speech at the inaugural Shrewsbury School MUN Conference in March, "Mr Peach's leadership of MUN has irrevocably and positively shaped generations of Salopians, who are eternally grateful for all the hours that he has put into us as MUN-ers, but more importantly as people."


Meanwhile the student group organising Shrewsbury's second MUN Conference (ShrewsMUN 2), which takes place on 10th - 11th March 2018, have published the topics to be discussed. They are on the ShrewsMUN 2 website, together with lots more information about the Conference:

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