Shrewsbury School

RSSBC: 2 gold medals at National Schools' Regatta

Friday 8 June 2012

J14s winning!Friday 1st June saw the J14A octo emerge as National Champions. In their third race of the day they rowed through an early lead established by King's Chester, to take a 2s victory in an exhibition of some powerful rowing. The quality of the opposition is demonstrated by the fact that the next three places covered a mere 0.3s; King's, having set a new course record in the heat, came in 4th! It is an excellent result.

Please see our full report on Friday's racing for more information.

Saturday's racing did not yield the results we sought or expected; the 2nd VIII's 4th place after some hard racing was the best result. May we thank our supporters for just that - their support. Our thanks also go to the catering team for their now-typically 'best at the event' spread. It is much appreciated.

The 2012 Hedsor CupSunday 3rd brought an unusual straight tail wind and a LOT of rain. In their third race of the day the stern four of the 1st VIII were level off the start with Abingdon's top four and St Georges, with Radley, Hampton and Bedford Modern having fallen away a bit already. Through sheer determination they inched their way forward stroke by stroke in a very good race. Half a length at 500m, a bit of clear water by 1000m and 2.5 lengths at 1500 set up a convincing win in what turned out to be a record time, last established in 2004.

The Hedsor Cup, last won by Shrewsbury in 1999, is back in our hands.


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