Shrewsbury School

RSSBC: Bedford Autumn Head

Thursday 17 October 2019

Driving rain at Bedford throughout last Sunday couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm and determination of the J15s and J16s in their first race of the season.

For the J15s, it was their first ever race, so there was a nervous excitement as we departed the School at 7am.

The J16s and J15s both competed over two divisions, with the J16s racing in two coxed fours and a double and the J15s in four coxed fours and two coxed quads.

All the crews managed well and had a positive experience in what were very wet conditions.

The results were secondary to building up race experience, but it was fantastic to see one of the J15 boys’ fours coming in first in a field of 11 crews.

The J16 coxed fours came in fourth of eight in J18 4+ and second of six in J16 4+.

The J15 girls came in third in the four and sixth in the quad, with the J15 boys’ quad also coming in third.

Athol Hundermark, Director of Rowing

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