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RSSBC: Double victory for girls' quad at the Chester Regatta, Saturday 15th June

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Last weekend was the Finale of their season for the majority of our School crews – and a busy one it was, with three events taking place: Chester and Marlow (at Dorney) on Saturday and then a special one-off Coronation Regatta on the Thames at Windsor on Sunday (see separate reports).

Two girls’ crews raced in Quads at the 80th Anniversary Chester Regatta. In the IM3 4x- category where both crews were competing, we had one comfortable win over Trafford RC. A no-show for our other crew meant we were facing a RSSBC v RSSBC Final and a guaranteed win for the School!

In the WJ18 4X- semi- final, we faced Royal Chester. Thanks to some excellent sculling, we secured a place in the Final. Here we met King’s School Chester and, again, secured a comfortable victory.

As the winners of two categories, the crew of Lizzie Collins, Amy Stockdale, Issy Tenison-Collins and Bridget Lapage were presented with medals, tankards and a very large cup.

Congratulations must also go to Poppy Crowe, Izzie Diment, Cesca Molyneux and Laura Nightingale for an excellent effort all round, and of course to Nathan and Jack for their tireless coaching.

Meanwhile the J15B VIII finished their season in style by winning their event. Congratulations to the boys on an excellent season: Cox Ed Jones, D Major, M Manser, N Watkins, C Rassmuss, T Sykes, A Brinkley, A Mitchell, R Elliott-Williams.

Below: Girls' Quad Bridget Lapage, Lizzie Collins, Amy Stockdale, Issy Tenison-Collins with their coach, Nathan Williams

Girls'Quad with coach Nathan Williams at Chester Regatta, 15th June 2013

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