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RSSBC: GB Rowing Trials - Boston

Monday 20 February 2012

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February

Harry Lonergan (O LVI), Tom Marshall (SH UVI) and Fred Day (R UVI) made the trek to Boston Lincs for the annual and final, 5k time trial of the season.

Hopes were high for a good set of results from our top pairing of Harry and Tom, both experienced oarsman on this piece of the river Witham.

Tom Marshall (Stroke) and Harry Lonergan in the GB Trials 2012

Saturday saw them starting 2nd out of the 42 starting pairs; a finish position of 5th place was a good result, especially after the amount of time spent training in this boat. Sunday’s results were very pleasing, after some tinkering with the crew set up and a move up to third. Remembering these are the best junior oarsmen in the country this year, this result puts them in the frame for selection to compete at world level later in the year.

Fred Day had a busy week! Having just returned from an invitation from Dartmouth University in the other Boston in Massachusetts over ½ term  (where he has been offered a place to study and row next year), Fred paddled with an athlete from Abingdon School. His results of 17th on Saturday and 23rd on Sunday also stand him in good stead for a GB vest this season.

P Manser

Fred Day (Bow)  in the GB Trials 2012

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