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RSSBC: New boathouse and ergo room planned

Wednesday 26 January 2022

<em>World Class Facilities supporting World Class Athletes in a World Class School</em>

Modern technology allows us to dispense with “our artist's impression” and show you an e-picture, based on the actual plans, of what the newest building in the RSSBC facilities will look like.  At this stage, we are at planning, but hope for a positive decision in the new year.

This will be the realisation of the dream of some Old Salopian oarsmen, spurred on by the previous success and sheer professionalism of the senior coach and coordinated by the current captain of Sabrina.

The architects have consulted extensively with environmental, ecological and historical groups to produce a design which is light and airy whilst being well insulated, ensuring minimum heating and lighting costs. The large expanse of thermally efficient glass will reflect the river and, when lit up at night, will itself be reflected in the river. It will appear to float between the river and the School Buildings. Under the top floor ergo room is a boat store which is significantly larger than the one which it replaces.

At first floor level, the new building is linked to the Pugh Boathouse by a balcony and it is intended that the old club room will be returned to its former use after suitable refurbishment.

The generosity of a few very major contributors together with smaller donations coming from a wide supporter base has made this project possible.

Sabrina donors to this scheme are no different to OS donors in general, giving in gratitude for the benefits which they enjoyed in their day – long may this continue.

To return to the theme, World Class for today – World Class for tomorrow and, as has been shown many times, the discipline and standards of excellence learned on the river quickly transfer to the classroom, examination results and University entrance giving a great foundation for future life.

Floreat Sabrina.

Floreat Salopia.

Malcolm Davies
Secretary Sabrina Club

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