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RSSBC: Schools' Head of the River Race - Top Squad

Thursday 22 March 2012

All our top three squads came third in their races - a terrific result, but inevetably one tinged with some frustration and disappointment too!

Near perfect conditions greeted our crews upon arrival at St Paul’s School, Hammersmith on Tuesday morning.

Hopes were high for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd 8’s after a good build up at Trent, Hammersmith and Chester Heads.

1st VIII at Schools Head 2012
With the first 8 starting 3rd, we were hopeful of putting Eton to the sword after their average set of results recently. By half way our crew had caught up with the Eton boys, but were then unable to get by. This certainly did not help our cause in overcoming Abingdon and Hampton, both of whom we knew were fast boats. So for the 3rd year, 3rd place, certainly a disappointment for all - but how many other schools would love to be in that position!

The 2nd 8 were certainly hopeful of a much better performance than last year, and after a strong race we emerged 3rd also, again behind Abingdon and Hampton. For a young crew (4 J16’s) this is certainly a positive result and probably the right result behind two schools at the top of their game. To put this result into context they would have beaten 25 School 1st 8’s!

The 3rd 8 also came 3rd! This group of U6, L6, 5th and 4th formers had a good build up to the head and was great experience for the younger boys to row on the mighty Thames. They also beat 15 1st 8’s!


1st 8. S Lapage, R Chitty, H Lonergan, T Marshall, F Day, J Rand, M Kimpton-Smith, R Morgan. Cox S Walker.

2nd 8. C Clarke, C Lane-Fox, M Pattison-Appleton, D Beeston, P Gadsden, W Angell-James, R Homden, J Kynaston. Cox J Eardley

3rd 8. W Dodson-Wells, C Randall, R McCourt, C Rhodes-Bell, A Angpanitcharoen, H Rasmuss, U Capellen, T Lloyd. Cox L Koch de Gooreynd.


1st 8 3/41
2nd 8 3/19
3rd 8 3/4

Paul Manser

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