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RSSBC: Shrewsbury Regatta - wins at all levels for Salopian crews

Monday 16 May 2011

Crews from far afield compete in the annual Shrewsbury Regatta, on the picturesque town-centre course which comes right past the school boathouse; indeed without the use of the school facilities the regatta could not happen in its present form. It is a great opportunity for parents to watch their sons and daughters of whatever standard racing, and many friendships are developed and renewed over an informal lunch or tea on the riverbank. This is spectator rowing at its very best - the crews race past a few feet from the supporters.  This year, there was a record RSSBC entry, with over 100 races involving Salopians.


Winners J18 2: T Clarke. W  Dodson-WellsThe School 1st/2nd and 3rd 8's had plenty of racing over the Weekend at their home regatta.

The 1st 8, for the second year had arranged a private match against King's Chester; although King's had come 9th at Schools Head this year, there were rumours that they had picked up speed recently, so the competition was eagerly anticipated. In the first of the two races the King's crew were dispatched by 3 lengths, a margin that was a good indicator that our good long distance speed has been transferred to good sprint speed over the last four weeks. In the 2nd of the two races, the margin was only a length; some would have thought this strange after the first result. The reason for the change of fortune was that one of the lane buoys had got caught around one of our riggers and been dragged down the course acting like an anchor! Only the quick thinking of Rupert Chitty at seven and Jamie Lambie the Cox, who worked together to disentangle said buoy and the three bricks attached to it, saved the day!

'No quarter given' in the Elite 4s - our 1st VIII crew split and against each other in the Final
The 1st 8 also entered the top fours event over the weekend, both crews ending up in the final. A great race ensued with no quarter given, the victory of one length the margin, but nevertheless a fine effort from the losing crew who had not rowed in this line up before. Junior 4's was also won by a 1st 8 4, but this time by a large margin!

Winners IM3 4+: C Rhodes-Bell. M Kimpton-Smith.C Aylwin.A Anderson. D Wong
The 2nd 8, fresh from a really fantastic training camp where their boat speed and moral grew on a daily basis had a potentially tricky set of races, firstly against King's Chester J16 8, whom they had narrowly beaten at Schools Head, and then against RGS Worcester 1st 8 - again, a crew that they had just beaten. The results were all positive, the crew dispatching their opposition comfortably, which bodes well for National Schools in two weeks. Congratulations to Doug Tennison-Collins, Christian Randall, Peter Gadsden, Aut Antpanitcharoen and Camilla Aylwin for their first rowing victories!

The 3rd 8, again a much improved unit, raced hard to reach the final of novice 8's only to be undone by King's Chester by 6 feet. However, their spirits should be high to go forward to National Schools and a chance to bring home the West Cup.

Always a quieter day, with most School Crews not competing. The 1st and 2nd 8 were racing in 4's only on Sunday, the 1st 8 being split in to different units from the Saturday, two hard fought races followed over the shorter 500 meter course which always makes for close and exciting racing.

The 2nd 8 entered into a senior event and after four races one of our boats came in victorious after a series of well paced races. 

Congratulations to our J16 star Max Kimpton-Smith, who had been plucked from the 1st 8 to try to win this event and secure his first regatta victory!

All in all a very satisfactory day's racing! On to a slightly more important matters now with National Schools in two weeks' time.

Paul Manser

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