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RSSBC: Three Oldham's boys in GB sculling trials

Thursday 22 November 2012

The first of the many hoops to be jumped through to attain the coveted GB lycra next summer arrived on Saturday 17th November.

Three boys, all from Oldham's, made the long journey to Boston, Lincs for the day's sculling trials. Although all three will be trying to gain a place in the GB sweep oared team, all athletes are encouraged to participate in this first sculling trial. The results from the sweep oared athletes are not held against them later in the process!

Pictured L to R: Max Kimpton-Smith (UVI), Harry Lonergan (UVI), Niall Barrow (LVI)

Harry Lonergan joined the School in the Sixth Form and is now a veteran in the junior GB team! This being his third year of trials, his place of 5th from the 135 starters puts him in the right place to challenge as one of the country's top junior oarsmen.

Niall Barrow has just joined us from King's School Chester, his position of 80th was in line with expectations and his first GB outing. Max Kimpton-Smith came in 118, again, where expected - Max has done little sculling over his time at Shrewsbury and l'm sure he would agree, not his favourite discipline in the sport!

Harry's 5th place from the 135 entrants made him the highest placed sweep rower (non-sculling specialist), as is Niall's 80th place for a L6th former.

Paul Manser

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