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RSSBC: Victoria, Sabrina and William's Sculls 2012

Sunday 23 September 2012

The Victoria Sculls trophy was presented to the School in 1897; 125 years later is it still competed for on an annual basis, now with catagories across the age range: Victoria (J18 boys and girls), Sabrina (J16 boys and girls), William’s (J15 boys) and Junior William’s (J14 boys).

This year the honours went to lower sixth entrant Niall Barrow (O), in the girls’ competition Bridget Lapage (EDH) was able to hold off the challenge from Lizzie Collins (MSH).

After winning the J15 sculls last year, Toby Thomas (SH) added the Sabrina title to his name - it is worth noting that the times of Toby and second placed Alex Powell (M) were good enough to place them third and fourth in the overall leaderboard. Dorit Hasselberg (EDH) won the Sabrina prize for girls. Harry Lane Fox (Rt) won the William’s Sculls ahead of Henry Thomas (Ch) and Wilf Deacon (Rt).

We do not always hold a J14 event, but with 5 experienced new boys the catagory was reinstated this year, Barnaby Fox (PH) emerged as the winner of the Junior William’s Sculls by over 50 seconds.

The Senior Challenge Sculls is awarded to the house with the fastest four scullers from any year group, this year the winners were Moser’s Hall.

In the overall house rowing competitions, Oldham’s head the Leadbitter Cup standings, whilst Emma Darwin Hall lead the Birt Trophy.

Full details of the results are below this picture of the winners...

RESULTS (top 3 positions):

Victoria Sculls (J18 boys)
1 N. Barrow (O)
2 A-A. Angpanitcharoen (Ch)
3 M. Bensel (SH)

Victoria Girls’ Sculls (J18 girls)
1 B. Lapage (EDH)
2 L. Collins (MSH)
3 E. Hodgson (EDH)

Sabrina Sculls (J16 Boys)
1 T. Thomas (SH)
2 A. Powell (M)
3 P. Hammond (PH)

Sabrina Girls’ Sculls (J16 girls)
1 D. Hasselberg (EDH)
2 N. Seager (MSH)

William’s Sculls (J15 boys)
1 H. Lane Fox (Rt)
2 H. Thomas (Ch)
3 W. Deacon (Rt)

Junior William’s Sculls (J14 boys)
1 B. Fox (PH)
2 A. Lawson (O)
3 H. Marshall (SH)

Senior Challenge Sculls
1 Moser’s (A. Powell, E. Chapman, W. Hayes, P. George)
2 Oldham’s (N. Barrow, M. Kimpton-Smith, C. Duckworth, C. Clarke)
3 Churchill’s (A-A. Angpanitcharoen, J. Kynaston, H. Thomas, P. Gadsden)


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