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RSSBC: Wallingford Head

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Sunday 27th November - Two wins, and our IV made the fastest time on the course, beating all coxed and coxless fours in the first major event of the 2011/12 season.

1st VIII

A lovely autumnal day greeted our arrival at Oxford Brookes University Boat Club, kind hosts for most RSSBC crews competing in the annual Wallingford Head. This the first major event of the 2011/12 season and where most of our usual opposition generally show their colours.

Our 1st VIII and our J15A VIII were both racing in the first division, in the morning.  The 1st VIII (not at full strength due to a few illnesses) came first in their race, with a comfortable 27 second victory over Hampton.  The J15s had their first major test as a sweep oared unit, and were delighted with their solid 3rd place over the longish Thames course.  Many schools were boating mixed ability crews, though, so it was a great effort from our boys, but our celebrations were fairly muted.

In the afternoon division the 2nd VIII were to race, also the 1st VIII, now in coxed fours. The 2nd VIII, although racing in a senior category (in which they came 2nd out of 34 crews), would have come 6th in the Junior 8's event, a really encouraging result. The first of the fours had a great paddle, finishing 1st and beating all the fours of the day, coxed and coxless.

1st IV+


1st 8. (Junior 8) T Marshall, R Chitty, S Lapage, H Lonergan, C Lane-Fox, F Day. A Antpanitcharoen, R Morgan, S Walker 14.29. 1/18

J15 8. (9J15 8) T Thomas, H Neill, H Morgan, A Angpanitcharoen, p Hammond, R Trivedi, C Johnston, J Rumble, E Carroll. 16.42. 3/9

2nd 8.(IM38)  C Clarke, J Rand, M Pattison-Appleton, M Kimpton-Smith, R Homden, D Beeston,J Kynaston,W Dodson-Wells. J Eardley . 15.01.  2/34

1st 4 (J4+) S Lapage, H Lonergan, R Chitty, T Marshall, S Walker.  15.20. 1/5

1st 4 (IM24+) R Morgan, C Lane-Fox, A Angpanitcharoen, F Day, J Rees 16.35. 3/7

P Manser

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