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RSSBC: Wins for the J16s and J15s at the Worcester Small Boats’ Head

Friday 12 October 2018

The J16 and J15 boys and girls raced valiantly last weekend in bitter wind and rain to come home from their first event of the year with some fantastic results.

Racing over a 4,500m course, the J16 Boys’ Coxless Quad won by 24 seconds over Hereford Cathedral School.

J16 4X-

The rest of the J16 squad battled it out in two Coxed Fours, with their J15 coxes also going head to head in a strong field. Fred Baynes’ crew took 1st place.

J16 4+


J15 Sam Crossley won the J16 Singles (Low PRI) in the morning division, with the rest of the J15 boys courageously racing in singles and doubles in tough conditions throughout the morning and afternoon.

J15 1X


The J15 girls also had their first win of the year in the J15 Girls’ Coxed Quads. Ella Ho’s crew took 1st place with a 17 second win over A.B Severn Boat Club. And Eibhilin Moores’ crew took third place in the draw of seven strong girls’ crews.

WJ15 4X+


Athol Hundermark, Director of Rowing

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