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RSSBC: Wycliffe Head - boys' crews

Tuesday 6 December 2011

A very full Longmynd coach, several mini buses and two trailers of boats made the trip down the M5 to compete in the annual end of term Head at Wycliffe on the Gloucester/Sharpness canal.

Top Squad crews were a 2nd 8 group, entered into the top coxed fours events at the head. After an encouraging race our two boats finished 2nd and 3rd fastest of the division, unfortunately beaten by a very competent crew from City of Oxford Boat Club. It has been a great term for this group, many of them just fifteen years of age, but competing against very experienced adult competitors!

P Gadsden, W Angell-James, R Homden, J Rand, J Rees 9.08 2/4
C Clarke, C Lane-Fox, J Kynaston, M Pattison-Appleton, J Eardley 9.15 3/4

During the Christmas holidays this group will need to train at home to make sure that they will return ready for what is going to be a battle for a seat in an exciting 2nd 8 - with the prospect for some to step up to the first boat.

The J14 squad as a whole produced the performance of the day, RSSBC had 4 of the 9 crews entered in J14 quads, and finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th (bringing home not just the gold medal, but also silver and bronze!), against opposition from Wallingford Rowing Club, Monmouth Comprehensive School, RGS Worcester and Hereford Cathedral School.

Wycliffe Head 2011 - J14 winning crewThe J14 winning crew: E Chamberlain (Ch), H Lane Fox (Rt), J Carter (R), G Hill (PH), A Seager (G)

An excellent way to round off their first term of rowing, and, with all four crews being mixed, it will be interesting to see how much speed they can find when we narrow down to more selected boats next term.

The J15 squad entered 3 fours (their Ds Es and Fs on paper). The top crew consisting of Greg Bunting, Ivan Lam, Charlie Duckworth and Jack Kinnaird, ably coxed by Ed Carroll, had a tidy row and were the only boat in their class to go under 11 minutes and hence took home the Gold medal.

Wycliffe Head 2011 - J15 winning crew
The J15 winning crew: Greg Bunting, Ivan Lam, Charlie Duckworth, Jack Kinnaird, Ed Carroll

The second crew gave some people their first school cap, the four consisting of Ilya Olkov, Daniel Lo, Jamie Nugent and Henry Binns with Henry Carter coxing, made it down the course in a respectable time but not quite enough to challenge Hereford Cathedral School four, who took the silver.

Our third crew quite aptly consisted of 3rd formers who were all making their competitive debut. The heroic quartet who battled down the 2500m course were Billy McHale, Alex Perutz, Hamish Partington and Kit Crabtree, with Jonathan Trenchard helping them along as cox. I hope that this gave them valuable race experience for future events.

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