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RSSBC: Wycliffe Head - Fastest crew of the day

Monday 4 February 2013

Luckily for us, Wycliffe Head is held on a canal, so after a week with a flooded Severn and therefore no rowing on the water, the boys and girls were let loose to race after a week of weights, Ergos and bank runs!!

Conditions were chilly, but bright, with a slight head wind making for slow times over the 4,500 metre time trial on the  Gloucester, Sharpness canal.

Top Squad
Two senior crews raced in IM2 VIII's and produced a pleasing set of results coming in 1st and 6th. The crew consisting of Charles Clark, Niall Barrow, Peter Gadsden, William Angell-James, Harry Lonergan, Max Kimpton-Smith, Rob Homden and James Kynaston recorded the fastest time of the day.

Two Girls' Quads were selected to race at Wycliffe on the 2nd February. With one crew racing in WIM3, (Molyneux, Crowe, Williams, Nightingale) and the other crew racing in the afternoon in WJ18 (Lapage, Stockdale, Collins, Tenison-Collins). The former event was contested by two other crews whilst the latter no fewer than eight. Both crews performed very well and finished in 2nd place in their respective events.

Two J16 eights raced competitively in their field of 11 to finish 1st and 3rd. The faster of the two placing in front of a number of more senior crews. Training will continue to build towards the Schools' Head in just over five weeks.

Winning crew: Elliot Robinson-Boulton (R), Alex Powell (M), Charlie Duckworth (O), Charlie Johnston (R), Hugo Morgan (R), Toby
Thomas (SH), Peter Hammond (PH), George Patterson (R), Ed Carroll (Ch) Cox. Time 16.03 1/11

Our J15 group are still to be selected into their Schools Head crews and so were raced in ‘matched boats’. Obviously, running this system meant that a win would be very unlikely against other ‘selected’ crews. So a 2nd and 4th place (with 9 seconds between the crews over 18 minutes) from 12 starters was a satisfactory result and confirms that we have a group with strength in depth.

Selection takes place this week into A and B boats, and these two crews will compete at Hammersmith Head on Sunday 24th February.

The crews were-
H Lane-Fox, W Deacon, A Grocott, C Rassmuss, N Watkins, T Sykes, J Walker, R Elliott-Williams. Cox E Jones. Time 17.51 2/12

J Carter, P George, H Thomas, A Matthews, A Brinkley, D Major, M Manser, H Kaye. Cox G Cabral. Time 18.00. 4/12

P Manser

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