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Thursday 29 September 2011

Roger Robinson's article on the RSSH and the 2011 New Boys' Race in the US Running Times

Roger Robinson, erstwhile International athlete, and now one of the world's leading academics on the origins and history of world running, has written various articles about the Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt and its significance as the world's oldest running club (and also, recently, an article on the significance of Shrewsbury's athletics as far as the origins of that sport are concerned).

Roger Robinson and Kathrine Switzer flanking Huntsman George Mallett in full regaliaRoger was in the UK earlier this month, and spent some time in the school's archives undertaking further historical research on the Hunt.  He and his wife Kathrine Switzer (the first woman to offically enter and run the Boston Marathon) were able to watch and enjoy this year's New Boys' Race, won in spectacular fashion by Oscar Dickins.

Roger's article on the New Boys' Race has now been published in the US Running Times.  Please note that the picture used in the article (primary school children running a race under the observation of Scottish soldiers in kilts) has absolutely nothing to do with the New Boys' Race!

The photo of a Boston Marathon official trying to throw Kathrine Switzer out mid-race made headline news across America in 1967. See for more information.
Warming up for the New Boys' Race 2011

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