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Salopian Club Careers Initiative

Wednesday 25 April 2018

My name is Oliver O’Callaghan-Brown (R 1981-86); I am the Chair of the careers section of the Salopian Club. The role of the Club, with particular reference to the Careers section, is to help Salopians make the transition into their working lives and support the development of their careers.

One initiative we are working on is to develop a database of Old Salopians who might be interested in giving some of their time and experience to helping those leaving school and starting out on new careers.  Some of the areas that would be useful to have help from the OS community are as follows:

•    Advice for applications
•    Interpretation of changing regulations in particular areas
•    Soft intelligence on lifestyle
•    Direct mentoring in specialist fields
•    Seminars and/or lectures at the school

Maurice Walters, Deputy Head (Academic) at the School, clarifies below the current status of the Careers department:
'The definition of success is changing and the nature of the modern workplace is very different from a decade ago. At Shrewsbury we feel it is vital not only to secure an adequate careers advice package for our current and former pupils, but to ensure that ‘future’ education is embedded fully in the curriculum.
Following the departure of Catriona Dry in the Summer of 2017 we opted not to appoint a traditional ‘careers advisor’ but to pause and take stock and make sure that this important appointment fits the bill.
In the interim period, we continue to benefit from the drive and experience of Dympna Nightingale to continue to move us forward with a range of different initiatives and programmes (including the recalibration of our Careers Fair and the progression of our Careers Film initiative).'

Any OS who might be interested in being of help can follow this link:  We will be posting more information very shortly.  

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