Shrewsbury School

The Salopian Club President's Dinner

Friday 13 April 2018

In the stunning surroundings of Wadham College, Oxford, the President of the Salopian Club, Nicholas Barber (SH 1954-58) hosted a sparkling dinner for Old Salopians of all generations on Friday 13th April 2018. 

Prior to the dinner, guests had already had the opportunity to attend a tour of the Ashmolean Museum with Nicholas Barber, or a lecture about the research into a vaccine against bacterial meningitis with Richard Moxon (SH 1955-59).  Appropriately armed with renewed knowledge, they began the evening with drinks in the College's Anti-Chapel before being invited through to the dining hall.

It was the largest gathering of Old Salopians, friends and family for many years, with a packed house of 150 refusing to be put off by the superstitious date, and benefitting as a result from the splendours of the magnificent dining hall and a sumptuous three course feast.  After dinner speeches from Nicholas himself, the Headmaster, Mark Turner, and Lord Heseltine (M 1947-51) added to the occasion, and provided the keynote speaker an opportunity to explain his stance on the Brexit debate.  There was a fabulous musical recital by opera singer Dan Norman (I 1984-88), accompanied by John Moore (Director of Music), which rounded off the evening (for those who chose not to populate the late-night bar).

A truly magical evening which will not be forgotten for many years to come.

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