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Monday 29 October 2018

Messrs Bell, Moore and Clark at liberty in Hong Kong!

The Salopian community came together in good spirits in Hong Kong recently. A cross section of the Salopian family descended on (or more accurately ‘ascended to’) the roof top bar of the Excelsior hotel to celebrate the survival of the one tempest and the arrival of another in the forms of Messrs Bell, Moore and Clark. Invitations were sent to present parents, past parents, Old Salopians and prospective parents (such is our faith in our product!).

There was much conviviality and the laughter flowed as well as the Prosecco.

Amy Wong, Julian Chan (O 2006-10) and Dan Lo (SH 2010-15)

It was a great occasion to connect various strands of Salopia and find out what some of our more recent Salopians were up to. I was delighted to discover that we have an International Rugby player in Komei Ogiyami (M 2002-17) who is the OS club representative in Hong Kong, (no wonder so many people turned up- one would not wish to upset Komei!).

Meanwhile Mercury Cheung (MSH 2009-11) is pursuing her interest in football and her love of Liverpool Football club by working in Football journalism.

Chapman Chow, (M 2003-2008) Lisle Gannon (S 2011-16) and Magnus Chaplin (Rt 2013-18)

Chapman Chow is now a psychologist and Leonard Ma (Rt 2011-13) is pursuing a singing career.

Giles Bell enjoyed meeting some of his ex-School House inmates and was impressed that Brendan Lung (SH 2008-13) had made it out of bed, whilst John Moore was enjoying catching up with some of his talented musical proteges such as Julian Chan and Dan Lo and Matthew Clark was keeping an eye out for past tennis and 2nd XI footballers.

James Plaut (S 2010-15) Dan Lo, and Bassie Jessop (M 2001-06)

It has to be noted that all three were prepared to speak to anyone even if they did not fall into the appropriate category!

I would like to express our thanks to all those who made the effort to come and say hello and now that this party has become something of a fixture in the calendar we very much hope even more of you will make it next year. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Friends of Shrewsbury Hong Kong, ably led by chairwoman Betty Ip, who helped us so much whilst we were interviewing potential students and for their amazing and wondrous hospitality. If you did not get an invite for some reason (our data base is not faultless), please consider yourself invited to next year’s event which will almost certainly be the same weekend in September. 

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