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Salopian Drivers' Club

Tuesday 4 February 2020

In the eighteen months that the Salopian Drivers’ Club has been in existence, we have had several really enjoyable gatherings and we now have eighty members.

The latest of these was our first winter dinner which was held at the Turf Club in Carlton House Terrace, just off Pall Mall in London on Friday, the 24th January. 

Twenty-two people attended, including our guest speakers Richard Tait-Harris and Tom Chilton (who we are all hoping will win the British Touring Championships this year). 

The Turf Club made a great venue for the party; grand surroundings but really friendly and efficient service.

We were lucky to be able to take over the principal dining room. Sitting at one long table created a friendly and inclusive setting, which is just what our club stands for.

Richard Tait-Harris, although not an Old Salopian himself, has a son, Charles, who was at Shrewsbury (S 2012-17) and, as such is eligible to become a member of the Club. I am so pleased that, following the dinner, he has accepted our invitation to become a member. We are honoured that he has agreed to join us.

The Chateau Impney meeting at which we had hoped to have a meeting in July has been cancelled so we are now investigating the possibility of having a meeting at Silverstone at about the same time. You will be emailed about this when we have more news.

If you haven't already done so, please put the 19th and 20th September in your diary. This is the weekend of OS Day and our AGM and weekend meeting at Shrewsbury.

Our membership continues to grow steadily. If you know any Old Salopians or the parents of Old Salopians who might be interested in joining, please either speak to them and get them to email me or let me have their details and I will get in touch with them myself.

The days are already getting longer. It won't be long before spring arrives and happy motoring can begin again!

 Miles Preston

Chairman SDC

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