Shrewsbury School

Salopian Drivers' Club

Friday 18 June 2021

Shropshire Inaugural Tour

Saturday 12th June heralded the third SDC Regional Tour, which followed last month's Yorkshire/Humberside drive and the West Country event the week previously. Our Hon. Secretary, Alex Aldous, led the crew of 16, comprising past and present Salopians and school staff, through a moderately challenging route that covered over 100 miles of mainly south Shropshire countryside. Cars present included a BMW 125i, a pair of MGBs, a Morris Minor 1000 convertible, a Bentley Turbo R and a Ferrari 458. No vehicle (or Salopian) broke down in the scorching June heat and everybody enjoyed a decent drive that included typically breathtaking scenery, decent food, the occasional sheep and great company. The Surrey Hills group is hosting the next SDC regional tour, scheduled for this Saturday. 

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