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Friday 12 June 2020

An update on Fifth Form literary prize winners during the Summer Term 2020.

Despite the bitter disappointment of missing out on public examinations this year, Fifth Form English students have won plaudits for their literary abilities under the extraordinary circumstances of lockdown.

A range of writing tasks during the first three weeks of this term -- descriptive, recreative and critical -- allowed the cohort to bring their studies to a proper sense of culmination with some perceptive and insightful results. They were responding to the wide range of set texts taught by the English Faculty, from enduring classics such as Macbeth and Jane Eyre to Alan Paton’s culturally potent masterpiece, Cry, The Beloved Country.

The best performer in each set over three tasks was awarded a £10 Amazon voucher.  The best writing can be viewed here:

Hearty congratulations go to prizewinners:

  • Poppy S (MSH)
  • Eustacia F (M)
  • Emelie C (EDH)
  • George C (Rb)
  • Isabelle U (EDH)
  • Olivia R (M)
  • Eve L (G)

Highly Commended:

  • Dylan T (PH)
  • Nell W (MSH)
  • Henry G (PH)
  • Dominic Z (Rb)
  • Huw H P (SH)
  • Hannah H (G)
  • Jamie D (PH)
  • Rory O’N (SH)
  • Melissa R (G)
  • Jago A (S)
  • Ollie C (O)
  • Teddy B (Rt)
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