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Salopian Ventures now on the School's website

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Salopian Ventures is an enterprise run by a small group of Lower Sixth students, under the leadership of Colm Kealy, that has raised in excess of £120,000 for charity over its 25 years of operation. 

Salopian Ventures commissions and markets a range of quality products associated with the school, which are sold at at various functions and through our new online catalogue.  There will be an opportunity to view and purchase these products on Speech Day this year.

Please take a look at our new web pages:

This year's Salopian Ventures team was:
Au Yeung, Jonathan  SH
Eaton, Chris        Ch
Greig, Alex         O
Hudson-Williams, Jack  PH
Hughes, Oliver      Rb
Jones, Connor       PH
Leslie, Guy         R
Lewis, Henry        I
McGeorge, James     Ch
Thompson, Angus     G

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