Shrewsbury School

Salopians and primary schools take part in Big Draw 2021

Friday 15 October 2021

This week saw Shrewsbury School take part in The Big Draw Festival 2021.  

The Big Draw Festival is a worldwide celebration of drawing, promote the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression, and invention. It is an annual event run by the campaign for drawing (led by sir Quentin Blake) that has the aim of getting the nation drawing regardless of age/gender/race/background.

This year's theme was ‘Make the Change’ - a timely development on last year's exploration into the relationship between people and our living environments. The aim of the festival is to explore and discover ways to live in balance with the world around us, to reconnect with each other and demand a better world for future generations. 

On Wednesday, the festival began at Shrewsbury with pupils taking part in the house art competition. They were tasked with making a college of giant words based on the COP26 climate change conference, in conjunction with geography. Each house was given an impact word to collage using geographic materials. One staff member and one pupil representative from each house created a giant political playing card, which will be judged with the winner announced after half term.  

On Thursday, three local primary schools joined us to work with our art scholars and creative art student to create work based on the theme ‘time to make the change’. 

Pupils from Oak Meadow Primary, Meole Brace C of E Primary and Grange Primary schools all took part in The Big Draw event, where they were even joined by a special guest! 

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