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Salopians conquer Baffin Island expedition for charity

Thursday 21 April 2022

Congratulations to three Salopians who have completed an expedition across Baffin Island and raised more than £4,000 for charity. 

Harry C-W (O, LVI) and fellow Oldhamites and Old Salopians, brother Tim C-W (2016-21) and Joe S (2014-19) took on the challenge in order to raise money for The Prince’s Trust. 

The trio started their challenge on 20th March, which saw them cover 100 miles of Arctic landscape.  

Harry said: “I was very pleased that I had managed to complete the unsupported winter traverse of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. 

“We were very lucky with the weather which meant that I (particularly as a geographer) could fully appreciate the incredibly spectacular glacial landscape. I most enjoyed being part of a great team and helping each other through the difficult bits as well as having an opportunity to raise money for the Prince’s Trust.  

“The most challenging parts of the trip included getting used to the intense cold and managing my equipment wearing mittens, climbing the terminal moraine on Day Three, descending the frozen waterfalls of the Weasel River whilst wearing crampons and controlling my pulk on sloping sheet ice.  

“We also spent a night on Windy Lake in 60 knot winds, having to take it in turns to hold on to the tent. We saw Arctic fox footprints, met local Inuit people out hunting polar bears, walked past Mount Asgard, camped under the highest uninterrupted cliff face in the world on Mount Thor and walked through a Sun Dog halo.” 

Harry’s efforts saw him beat his fundraising target and raise a grand total of an amazing £4,151.  

“I am very grateful to all those who donated so generously, many of them from the Shrewsbury School community.  I felt very lucky indeed to have had the privilege of being part of such a unique trip, an experience I shall remember for the rest of my life.” 

Click on the video below to watch a short video with highlights from the trip.

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