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Salopians pick up awards at Moreton Hall Junior MUN

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Ten delegates attended Moreton Hall’s Junior MUN last week, going up against Oswestry School, Cheadle Hulme School, Manchester High School for Girls, Packwood and Moreton Hall.

Salopians performed well, with a good level of debate and enthusiasm from the newer members of MUN Society.  

The following won awards in their respective committees: 

Outstanding Delegate Award: 

  • Will H (Rb, IV) 
  • George R (PH, III) 

Highly Commended Award  

  • Jeremy C (R, III) 
  • James N (PH, III) 
  • Matthew W (SH, III) 

Commended Award:  

  • Henry W (Ch, IV) 

Highly commended delegate, Jeremy C, reflects on the day.  

“It was a pleasure to be nominated to attend the Mini-MUN conference at Moreton Hall. It was a bit daunting in the beginning as this was my first time ever attending such events, but I managed to speak confidently after some warmup. It was a brilliant and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the conference and our team of delegates performed extremely well.  

“We were warmly welcomed by pupils and members of staff in Moreton Hall as we arrived and received detailed information of the programme. After that, there was a moment for us to meet and greet other delegates in the main hall where we were briefed about the conference. We then proceeded to the debate resolutions we had prepared in the small committees that we had chosen. Mine was the Economics and Social Committee, and we were debating Student Debt as well as the Inequitable Distribution of Wealth. 

“The topics were highly relevant to the current affairs and were well-chosen. Although only year 7, 8 and 9s took part in the event, all participants were extremely sophisticated and mature. We encountered multiple experienced, well-informed debaters who challenged us fiercely throughout the debate. Nevertheless, we managed to press on with our well-prepared points. In the afternoon all delegates came together in a General Assembly to debate on an imminent crisis about a global shortage of rice. This motion was also very interesting, and we continued to show professionalism when presenting our views and stance. Whilst the debate was serious and tense, there were also some relaxing moments of MUN levity, thanks to the good works from Moreton Hall’s organisers. 

“To conclude, I was honoured to be selected as a Highly Commended Delegate in my committee, alongside a few others in our team that also received awards in their committees. We all learned a lot of debating skills and how to calm ourselves and present in an assertive manner in front of a crowd. Most importantly, we made good friendship with delegates from other schools and had a great day overall.” 

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