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Sausage making in KH

Thursday 29 November 2012

Last week KH hosted an unusual Food File with our butcher Birtwistles, in the dining room at lunchtime. 

As we are always keen to make the Food Files as interesting and interactive as possible (“interactive”  meaning that the students get to actively nibble on tasty treats!) we threw down a challenge to Birtwistles.  All of the Houses were given the opportunity to invent new flavours for sausages which the butcher duly made up.  The flavours ranged from the sublime lamb & mint and toffee apple to the more extreme chocolate & chilli.   Soon KH was filled with the savoury smell of sizzling sausages, and everyone was delighted with the brand new spin on the humble “banger”. 

The students and staff were then treated to a sausage linking display, which is not as easy as it looks! Students were invited to have a go at linking and even some of the teaching staff joined in, much to the merriment of onlookers!  And just to prove that they did indeed have a go, we took some pictures!

Our Food Files are always popular at lunchtime and we think that everyone would agree that this particular one went with a “bang”!

Carrie Zeiler

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