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School Firsts

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Awarded to pupils during the final School Assembly of the Michaelmas Term.

Each term a committee of Sixth Form pupils meets to award the School’s highest form of ‘colours’ – a ‘School First’. The committee members take their work seriously, for two main reasons: firstly, this is a good example of pupil power – while teachers may make nominations, it is only those ten or so Upper Sixth pupils sitting on the committee who have the power to vote; secondly, to retain the value of the ‘School First’, precious few are handed out.

Nowadays School Firsts have been split into two types: sporting and non-sporting. Below is a list of those pupils who were given the coveted award for their exceptional contributions to School life across a wide spectrum of non-sporting activities.

For their outstanding commitment to the Royal Marines Section of the CCF:
John Dempsey (CH UVI), James Plaut (S UVI), Alex Shaw (Ch UVI) and Chris Thomas (M UVI)

For their outstanding commitment and contributions to Drama:
Harry Al-Adwani (SH UVI) and Jess Walker (G UVI)

For their exceptional contributions to the musical life of the School:
Henrike Legner (MSH UVI), Charis Virgo (G UVI), Henry Newbould (Ch LVI), Rob Shone (Ch LVI) and Henry Thomas (Ch LVI)

For his lengthy and outstanding contributions to Quizzing:
Oliver Hope (Ch UVI)

For his exceptional contributions in preparing for and hosting the International Young Physicists Tournament and in supporting the Darwin Society:
Dominic Dootson (M UVI)

For his exceptional achievements in Chemistry and for winning the top prize in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge:
Ross Viljoen (PH UVI)

For his exceptional contributions to school computing and in particular for his outstanding service to the Bumping Races:
Ed Carroll (Ch UVI)

A special award was also presented to Will Allott (Ch UVI) for his exceptional contribution to the School's theatre over five years. The citation from Head of Drama, Helen Brown reads as follows:

Will has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the theatre over the past five years. He has provided technical support for every single school and house play throughout his time at school – we worked out that the current senior play is his fiftieth in the theatre. If we also include the lectures, concerts and charity events that he has supported, he has worked on 117 school events. He is a hugely competent and experienced technician, able to provide sound, lighting and stage management to a professional standard. In effect, he functions as a second full-time theatre technician, alongside all his other school commitments. He is endlessly generous with his time and expertise, and the theatre simply could not have run without him.

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